Wuxi ALF Blade Co., Ltd. is located in Huishan Development Zone, Wuxi City, a famous city in the south of the Yangtze River, beside Taihu Lake and a land of fish and rice. It is located in Shuofang Airport, Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, and other transportation hubs, with convenient geographical conditions.
The company is a professional manufacturer of steam turbines, blowers, fans, hydraulic turbines and industrial turbine blades. The company mainly provides all kinds of products for flow passage equipment, such as moving blades, static blades, impellers, turbocharged turbines, motor aluminum blades, sealing rings, sealing bodies, steam flow guide diaphragms, etc. Annual processing capacity of more than 200,000 blades, has been Harbin Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., Wuhan Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., Beijing Beizhong Steam Turbine Motor Co., Ltd. and other supporting production of 12/50/125/200 MW units of dynamic and static blades and diaphragms, product quality and delivery time has been the trust and affirmation of users.
The company has more than 160 employees and more than 40 professional and technical personnel, including 8 senior engineers. At present, there are more than 100 blade processing equipment and 20 auxiliary equipment, including more than 20 large-scale numerical control equipment, vertical lathe, boring and milling, milling machine and automatic welding equipment. It is used for raw material testing equipment and blade product testing equipment such as magnetic particle testing, frequency measurement, etc. It also has various kinds of special measuring instruments and so on.
Blade is the core component of flow-through machinery, and its processing technology is complex and difficult. Our company has been cooperating with Shanghai Jiyou Co., Ltd. - Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. to process all kinds of precision and die forged blades, accumulated rich experience in blade profile processing, and left our company's achievements in the last three stages of low pressure blade profile processing of domestic 300 MW/600 MW subcritical and supercritical units. At present, the company can produce "T", "fork", "fir" and "tenon" blade roots, and the length of the steam passage of the moving blade can be 1,000 mm; the static blade has been matched with GE, RL, DZ and other international brand companies, and the length of the steam passage of the static blade can be produced to 1800 mm; and various casting or direct welding types can be produced within 4000 mm in diameter. Steam seal body, steam seal ring, steam flow guide diaphragm.
The company will earnestly fulfill the business purpose of "high quality service and pursuit of excellence", implement the business policy of "market-oriented, quality-centered, user-oriented" and constantly take a down-to-earth, pioneering attitude. The company is very grateful to the vast number of customers and colleagues from all walks of life who have been loving and caring for our company for many years. Work hand in hand to create brilliance.

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